MousePaw Media Repository Master Manual

About This Manual

To ensure the highest code quality and simplest workflows, we have a carefully developed and curated code management and build system. We’ve written thorough documentation, to ensure that staff is able to manage and maintain this system.

As of 2018, all programming staff will be required to pass Repository Master training, and it will become a mandatory part of a programming internship. The documentation provided here contains all the information necessary to pass MousePaw Media’s Repository Master Certification Exam [RMCE].

What Is a Repository Master?

A Repository Master is someone with elevated access and control privileges over the repositories and build systems. They must have an up-to-date Repository Master certification from MousePaw Media.

A Repository Master is responsible to diagnose and fix problems with the VCS, build systems, mirrors, and CI system. They are also responsible for ensuring compliance with policies and coding standards. Finally, they help minimize bugs and prevent breakages and substandard code in protected branches (e.g. master and stable) and release tags.

Although the majority of programming staff members have proper certification, only one or two individuals are granted the Repository Master role at any one time. This ensures that policies are properly enforced, and simplifies the process by which problems are resolved.

Preparing For The RMCE

As of 2018, MousePaw Media programming staff must pass the RMCE before acting as a Repository Master. This exam covers the following topics:

  • Git VCS
  • Jenkins CI
  • Phabricator’s Git and Jenkins integrations
  • Our in-house build system, including...
    • CMake
    • The Clang and GCC compilers
    • Makefiles
  • Static analysis tools
  • Dynamic analysis tools
  • Debugging tools
  • Testing
  • MousePaw Media Standards
  • VCS policies


The RMCE only covers relevent topics in such vast areas as Git, Jenkins, CMake, and Clang. Further independent study is encouraged.

The exam is open-book, and will focus primarily on your ability to recognize errors and resolve problems. None of the questions will be multiple choice. Be prepared to write commands free-form, correct configuration files, and detail the steps necessary to fix stated problems.

Using This Text

If you are preparing for the RMCE, you should read everything presented here in order. Concepts build on each other, and we will assume you’ve read prior sections.

You should also read source material. We are doing our best to summarize, but further useful information can be found on our source links. Thus, you should thoroughly read the material on source links, with one exception. If a source link has an asterisk at the beginning (i.e. *Some Huge Documentation (Example)), this means you don’t have to read through the link, as it is likely exhaustive. However, in that case, you should still skim it, and bookmark the source for further reference.

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