The #mousepawmedia and #mousepawmedia-design Freenode IRC chatrooms are patrolled by our bot, LukeDMouse.


You may remember the prior bot, Hawksnest. That bot was run by the Phabricator chatbot software, which has been discontinued due to a security flaw.


  • !coin: Flips a coin.
  • !dice <n>d<sides>: Rolls <n> dice with <sides>. For example, !dice 2d10 rolls two ten-sided dice.
  • !news: Read the latest channel news.
  • !seen <nick>: Lists the last time the user <nick> was seen in the room by the bot, and what they last said.
  • !tell <nick> <text>: Tells the user <nick> whatever message you specify when they next log in.


  • !base <fromBase> [<toBase>] <number> converts <number> from the base <fromBase> to decimal or to the optional <toBase>.
  • !calc <expression> calculates the given math expression (in Python math syntax).
  • !convert <number> <fromUnit> <toUnit> converts the number from one unit to another. See !units for a list of unit types, and !units <type> for a list of valid units.


We have multiple factoids - automatic responses - built in. Just for fun, many are unlisted. Here are the important ones:

  • !language: List warning about offensive language.
  • !paste: List info about pasting.
  • !standards: List info about standards.


Voiced users can train the bot to say other things with the :code:learn command. For example:

!learn 42 => The answer to life, the universe, and everything.

Running that command will create the factoid !42, which responds with “The answer to life, the universe, and everything.”


!forget 42

...will similarly cause the bot to forget about that command.


The bot also logs the rooms. We are working on a way to make these logs publicly accessible.